January Free Fossils For Teachers - Ammonites

Update: As with our first Fossils For Teachers giveaway we reached our maximum of 200 requests from teachers within 24 hours.  We're in the process packing and shipping these 200 fossils.  Check back at the start of February for more fossils.

Back in November we announced our "Free Fossils For Teachers" program were we will be making fossils specimens available to teachers and educators free of charge on a monthly basis.  It was met with a resounding response as we filled out quota of 100 requests for November within 24 hours.  Unfortunately, we had to skip doing this program in December as we got overwelmed with the rush of holiday orders.  

But it's back now in January as we have 200 Ammonite Fossils that will will be shipping to teachers free of charge.  If you are a teacher or other educator and want to receive a free ammonite for use in the classroom use our Request Form.  

  •  These fossils are for teaching/educational purposes and we only have a limited quantity.  For verification we REQUIRE that these fossils be shipped to a school address or address for an educational program.
  • We only will have limited quantities each month, first come, first serve.
  • Only one request per person.
  • Due to shipping costs, we can only ship these free within the United States.  In the future we may find a way to offer this outside of the country but it's just not logistically possible right now.

Fossil Request Form