1.05" Fossil Cow Shark (Notorhynchus) Tooth - Aurora, NC

This is a rare Cow Shark (Notorhynchus primogenius) tooth from the Lee Creek Mine in Aurora, North Carolina. This site has been closed to collecting for many years, so little material coming from old collections is available. Cow shark teeth, particularly nice ones like this were pretty rare, even in the heyday of collecting there.

This shark has a large, thick body, with a broad head and blunt snout. The top jaw has jagged, cusped teeth and the bottom jaw has comb-shaped teeth. It lived in shallow water and was an opportunistic predator feeding on animals along the bottom.

Comes with an acrylic display case.
Notorhynchus primogenius
Lee Creek Mine, Aurora, North Carolina
Pungo River Formation
1.05" long
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