1.2" Fossil Shark (Palaeocarcharodon) Tooth Necklace -Morocco

This is a 1.2" Palaeocarcharodon orientalis shark tooth necklace. The tooth was collected at the Phosphate Deposits in the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco. These teeth have distinctively coarse serrations.

Comes with a 32" long cord.

Palaeocarcharodon is an extinct type of pygmy white shark. They represent a dead-end lineage that branched off from Cretolamna in the early Paleocene and evolved extremely coarse serrations. These large serrations make them one of the more desirable shark teeth for collectors. The maximum size of Palaeocarcharodon teeth is about 2 inches, but only teeth from Morocco have been known to reach that large size..
Palaeocarcharodon orientalis
Oulad Abdoun Basin, Morocco
Phosphate Deposits
1.2" long, 32" long cord
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