1.9" Ordovician Soft-Bodied Fossil (Duslia?) - Morocco

This is a very interesting, Ordovician aged soft-bodied fossil from the Kataoua Formation of Morocco. I believe it's is likely the enigmatic arthropod, Duslia but all of the specimens I acquired are much more elongated while all the pictured/described specimens I can find of Duslia are much more circular in shape. This maybe just a function of the preservation. The orange coloration is natural and due to the oxidization of iron pyrite. The specimen is still partially buried under the limestone but could be prepared to expose it further quite easily.

Duslia bears many similarities to trilobites, and has sometimes incorrectly been referred to as a soft bodied trilobite but its exact classification is still up to debate. Currently is placed in the superclass Arachnomorpha, order Cheloniellida but this is kind of a catch-all bin. It had a segmented body, was blind, and had fine, hook-like protrusions around the edges of its body.

El Kaid Rami, Morocco
Kataoua Formation
Larger Fossil 1.9" long on 3.9x2.2" limestone
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