10" Jasper Replaced Petrified Wood - Oregon

This is a large, 10" wide (or tall depending on how you look at it) section of jasper replaced petrified wood from Marston Ranch near Ashwood, Oregon. The section weighs about 12 lbs and has been polished to a mirror like finish on one side. Two sides have been cut flat so that it can be display in several orientations. It has absolutely stunning red, orange and yellow coloration.

This petrified wood is often referred to "bog wood" as it's thought to be a bog layer in a swamp that was covered over and petrified. The jasper replacement leaves a beautiful coloration with hues of reds, yellows and blues but unfortunately destroys the detail that would allow for the type of tree to be identified.
Marston Ranch, Ashwood, Oregon
10" x 7.4", up to 2.4" thick
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