11.5" Pennsylvanian Fern Plate - Kentucky

This is a 11.5", fossil Pennsylvanian fern, plate, from the Breathitt Formation, Leslie County, Kentucky. It contains a collection of stalks, pinnule (branch of leaflets) and leaflets from a number of different ferns; seed ferns, Macroneuropteris, Neuropteris and Sphenopteris, and the true fern, Pecopteris. In addition to the ferns, there is a section of segmented worm (Annelida) and a section of undefined plant, most likely the end of a Lepidodendron branch. This specimen has one repaired leaf.

Neurodontopteridaceae are genera of seed ferns, extinct species of fern that reproduced from seed as opposed to sporophyte reproduction of most modern ferns.

Lepidodendron is a close relative of modern club mosses that grew 10 meters tall.

Annelida are segmented worms like earthworms.

Comes with a display stand.
Macroneuropteris sp. Neuropteris sp., Pecopteris sp., Sphenopteris sp., Annelida
Leslie County, Kentucky
Breathitt Formation
11.5 x 9.2" rock
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