13" Mioplosus Fish Fossil From 18 Inch Layer

This is a very large and well preserved example of an uncommon fossil fish from the Green River Formation, Mioplosus labracoides. It's approximately 48 million years old and came from the famous "18 inch layer) at a quarry near Kemmerer, Wyoming. The 18 inch layer yields much darker and better preserved fish than the more often collected split fish layers.

This specimen is highly detailed with the bone structure, vertebrae, fins and tail well preserved. It is located on a solid 19x17" irregularly shaped slab of matrix. We can trim it down to a custom size at no charge, which also reduces shipping costs.

Like essentially ALL fish from the 18 inch layer, there is some minor restoration to repair small bits of scale that flaked off during prep and on some fin tips, but it has not been painted like many fossil fish on the market.

Mioplosus labracoides
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
13" on 19x17" matrix
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