2.6" Soft-Bodied Marrellomorph (Furca) Fossil - Positive & Negative

Here is a rare and well preserved marrellomorph (Furca mauretanica) from the Upper Fezouata Formation of Morocco. Furca was a soft bodied “marrellomorph” arthropod, somewhat similar to the more common Marrella from the Burgess Shale of Canada. It is fairly large for the species and shows some very nice detail. Both the positive and negative split of the fossil is included. There are several repaired cracks running through the shale.

A paper on these can be found at the link below.

Ordovician faunas of Burgess Shale type

Marrellomorphs are a group of arthropods known from the Cambrian to the Early Devonian. They lacked mineralized hard parts, so are only known from areas of exceptional preservation, limiting their fossil distribution. The
Furca mauretanica
Zagora Area, Morocco
Upper Fezouata Formation
2.6” in wide on 8x6.7" shale
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