Bargain, 4.5" Drotops Trilobite On Pedestal of Limestone

This is a 4.5" long specimen of the large phacopid trilobite Drotops megalomanicus. Much of the hard limestone has surrounding it has been removed, leaving it very displayably presented on a pedastal of rock. There is some weathering on the left hand side of the trilobite, particularly the left hand side of the tail.

One of the most striking features of this trilobites is the large schizochroal (multi-faceted) eyes which would have given it a nearly 360 degree field of vision. It also has a very bumpy exoskeleton, in particularly on it's head.

A photo of the Drotops quarry at Issoumour, Morocco showing the hard limestone layers being worked.

A photo of the Drotops quarry at Issoumour, Morocco. The quarry following the horizon where this trilobites are found extends several kilometers around the mountain.

How a Drotops might be found in the field, with part of the tail exposed in the broken rock. It would then be prepared using airscribes and air abrasives a process that would likely take 20+ hours for a good specimen..

Drotops megalomanicus
Issoumour, Morocco
4.5" long (if outstretched)
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