6.2" Hyracodon (Running Rhino) Jaw Section - South Dakota

This specimen was just acquired from one of our suppliers. We won't have it back in our warehouse to ship until Sept. 18th It is on sale until this date, so if you purchase it quickly you get a discount :)

This is a 6.2" long jaw section of Hyracodon nebraskensis. It was collected from the the Brule Formation in South Dakota and would be approximately 32-34 million years old. There are three nicely preserved teeth still embedded in the jaw. There are a few repaired cracks and some small crack fills in the jaw.

Hyracodons were hornless running rhinoceroses with large heads compared to their slight, pony-like bodies. They are an extinct line as I'm sure you've noticed there are no Rhinos browsing the planes of North America today.
Hyracodon nebraskensis
South Dakota
Brule Formation, Scenic Member
6.2" long
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