6" Heart Shaped Fossil Goniatite Dish

This is a heart shaped dish made out of polished rock containing 400 million year old fossils of Goniatites. These fossils are mined in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The dish is approximately 5 inches wide.

Goniatites are close relative of ammonites, same Subclass. These Goniatites are Devonian in age (~380 million years old) and are quarried in large numbers from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Goniatites possessed a shell, which is divided internally into chambers filled with gas for buoyancy. An open chamber at the front of the shell provided living space for the animal. The general morphology and habit of goniatites was probably similar to that of their later relatives the ammonites, being free swimming and possessing a head with two well developed eyes and arms.
Goniatite sp.
Atlas Mountains, Morocco
6" wide
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