7.0" Fossil Shark (Hybodus) Dorsal Spine - Morocco

This is an 7.0" fossil, dorsal spine of a shark (Hybodus) from the Kem Kem Basin, Taouz, Morocco. This specimen shows lateral ridges and denticles along posterior edge. There are several repaired cracks in the spine, but it is not a composite like many of them.

Hybodus was a small shark that grew up to 2 meters in length and was thought to have been an opportunistic predator. It had a streamline shape which would have made it adept at hunting down fast prey as well as two different types of teeth sharp cutting teeth for catching prey and flatter grinding teeth for crushing. It is believed that this combination is the key to Hybodus' success.

A paper on Hybodus spines can be found below.

Growth And Form of Finspines In Hybodont Sharks

A complete fossil of Hybodus from Germany showing placement of spine. Image under GNU Free Documentation License
Hybodus obtusus
Taouz, Kem Kem Basin, Morocco
Kem Kem Beds
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