7.5" Gary Green Jasper (Larsonite) Bog Wood Stand Up - Oregon

This is a 7.5" wide section of jasper replaced petrified wood that was collected near McDermitt, Oregon. This section has been polished to a mirror like finish on one side and the base has been cut flat for aesthetic presentation. It has absolutely stunning blue-green coloration.

The red coloration towards what could be considered the top of the stand-up is a result of cinnabar. Larsonite specimens with cinnabar don't show up on the market very often due to their scarcity.

Gary Green Jasper, also referred to as "petrified bog wood" and/or "Larsonite" is a form of petrified wood from a location near McDermitt Oregon, on the Nevada/Oregon border. It's believed to be wood that was covered by volcanic activity between 11-15 million years ago. The volcanic event covered this area in debris that deprived the plants of oxygen, halting the decay process. Minerals from the volcanic ash then acted as the replacement material for this petrification/mineralization, giving the wood these vibrant colors.

Near McDermitt, Oregon
7.5 x 6.8"
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