9.4" Wide Mantelliceras Ammonite - Very Heavy

This is a large 9.4 inch in diameter ammonite of the genus Mantelliceras from Madagascar. This is not a type often seen for sale from this country. It's nearly 5 inches wide at it's widest point, very solid and weighs 12 pounds. It makes for a great display piece.

Mantelliceras a late Cretaceous ammonite characterized by a strongly ribbed, moderately involute shell with a moderately wide umbilicus, and rounded whorl section. It was collected in the Morondava Basin east of the town of Tulear.

Link to paper on these ammonites: https://geojournals.pgi.gov.pl/agp/article/view/10372/8883
Mantelliceras dixoni
Morondava Basin, Madagascar
9.4" wide, 12 pounds
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