Bargain, 1.6" Huntonia Lingulifer Trilobite - Oklahoma

This is a bargain, 1.6" long example of a long-spined Huntonia lingulifer trilobite. Huntonia lingulifer is much rarer than the other species of Huntonia in the same horizon at Black Cat Mountain. Less than one in ten of the Huntonia's found are lingulifer, so on average there may only be one or two good complete specimen found each year. One of the main characteristics that separate it from the other species of Huntonia at the locality is the much longer pygidial (tail) spine. The tip of the left genal spine has been restored.

The Black Cat Mountain Quarry produces a limited number of arguably the most beautiful trilobites in the United States each year. Each specimen is meticulously prepared by Bob Carroll under microscope to expose the smallest details. This is a very time consuming process taking many hours but yields spectacular results.
Huntonia lingulifer
Black Cat Mountain, Clarita, Oklahoma
Haragan Formation
1.6" long (including tail spine)
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