Extremely Rare 1.25" Lanceaspis - Top Quality Preparation

This is an extremely rare type of Phacopida trilobite, Lanceaspis hammondi. The location it comes from was collected out after only a single digging season about five years ago. Only a very small number of specimens were recovered, and this one remained unprepared until recently. At 1.25" long it's certainly not the largest of the type, but by far the best prepared specimen that I know of. Every eye facet can be seen and the shell condition is impeccable.

The most defining feature of Lanceaspis is an extremely elongated rostrum (nose) which represents nearly 40% of the overall body length. It seems to be related in some way to Morocconites but the rostrum is much longer. There species was described as a new genus and species, Lanceaspis hammondi
Lanceaspis hammondi
Mjane, Morocco
1.25" long
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