Rare, 1.65" Trigonocerca Piochensis - Fillmore Formation, Utah

I believe this is the first time a specimen of this species has ever been offered for sale. It's a rare Trigonocerca piochensis from the Carolinites Nevadensis Zone of the Fillmore Formation in Utah. It was collected this past spring from one of our newest leases. Prior to excavations on this lease I'm only aware of a single complete specimen of this species being found.

It is 1.65" long, with seems to be about average size for the species and has nice shell preservation. The left genal spine is missing, but that happened during the trilobites life time as it shows signs up a healed injury. There is a small amount of restoration along the repaired crack running up the left hand side of the body. It's nicely centered on a thick, 4x3.5" slab of shale.

Trigonocerca piochensis (Hintze, 1953)
FossilEra Lease, Southern House Range, Utah
Fillmore Formation - Carolinites nevadensis Zone
1.65" long on 4x3.5" shale
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