Top Quality Spiny Drotops Armatus Trilobite - 5.65"

This is a top quality of the super spiny phacopid trilobite, Drotops armatus. With somewhere around 100 free standing spines it would have been a very unappetizing dinner for it's predators.

It's quite large for the species at 5.65" in length and nicely prepared. These trilobites are some of the most time consuming in the world to prepare due to their many spines, some nearly 1/2 inch in length. The preservation of the eye facets on this specimen is particularly good. There is some restoration, but it's much less than most specimens of this species. There is some restoration to some of the right pleural tips, and the very edge of the right cheek. Some airscribe dings and bits of missing shell along the cracks through the body from when the rock was broken to find the trilobite have also been touched up.

Drotops armatus
Mrakib, Morocco
Bou Dib Formation
5.65" long
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