Wholesale Box: 1-1/2" Selenite Spheres - 180 Pieces

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These are polished spheres made from selenite. Selenite crystals are white in color and show obvious crystalline structure. Selenite is one of four varieties of the mineral gypsum. Interestingly, gypsum occurs on every continent in the world, and is the most common of all the sulfate minerals.

This wholesale lot includes 180 spheres that range in size from 1.3 to 1.6" in diameter; most are around 1.5".

At this wholesale price, each sphere is $1, and they can easily retail for many times that. These are great for educational programs, gifts, and for resale.

Selenite is a variety of gypsum, a soft sulfate mineral that is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4 · H2O). When chemically pure, gypsum is transparent and colorless, however, impurities give the gypsum a diverse range of colors and formations. Desert rose, selenite and satin spar are just a few of the varieties of gypsum known to have formed though hydrothermal processes.
1.3-1.6" wide, total weight 26.5 pounds