Wholesale Flat: 1-2" Polished Rhodochrosite Slices - 72 Pieces

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This is a wholesale lot of 72 polished, Rhodochrosite stalactice slices. They range from 1-2" across and probably average about 1 1/4". They are all polished at least on one side, most on both sides.

At the wholesale cost of $360, each piece is $5 and they can easily retail for several times that on average.

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral with them chemical composition MnCO3. The crystals typically have a pink-red coloration and cleaves with rhombohedral cleaving in three directions. It forms from hydrothermal pockets and can be found as both crystals and in banded formations.
Santa Rita Mine, Capillitas, Catamarca Province, Argentina
72 Pieces, 1-2" wide, most around 1.25"