Wholesale Flat: Cretaceous Marine Vertebrate Fossils - 15 Pieces

This is a wholesale flat of Late Cretaceous, marine, vertebrate fossils from the phosphate deposits near Khouribga, Morocco. There are 15 pieces each with one or more fossils embedded in them which may include Mosasaur (Prognathodon, Mosasaurus) teeth, fossil fish/shark vertebrae (Enchodus, Squalicorax, Serratolamna), fossil fish jaws (Enchodus), fish mouth plates (Eodiaphyodus) and more.

The fossils have all been prepared to further expose them in the rock and none of the pieces have any repair, restoration or remounting of specimens. We have not individually identified the fossils in the flats so it's great for someone who wants to do a little research.

You will receive the exact flat pictured.

These teeth are collected as a byproduct of the massive phosphate mining operations near Khouribga. The locals collected the teeth and other fossils saving them from certain destruction by rock crusher.
Khouribga, Morocco
Phosphate Deposits
Rocks 2.5 to 4.5" wide