7.3" Woolly Mammoth Jaw Section - Germany

This beautiful fossil is a partial upper jaw of a Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), from the Rhine River, Germany and is between 20 and 50 thousand years old. This amazing example is the left maxilla (upper jaw) with M1 molar locked in position. This tooth shows wear from use and the prisms (hard enamel structures), dentine and cementum are in very good condition. This specimen is from an adult individual.

Comes with a stand.

The Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primegenius) is the iconic Pleistocene animal. They had long hair, tusks that extended up to 9 feet, and stood about 12 feet tall. They ranged across the northern hemisphere and were one of the most abundant Pleistocene creatures.

The gravel deposits along the Rhine River used to produce a large number of Pleistocene fossils while quarrying for gravel aggregate. They have become much harder to come by in recent years as the quarry operations have become more mechanized and the fossils are often destroyed in the process.
Mammuthus primigenius
Rhine River, Germany
Jaw 7.3" long, 6.2" wide, molar 5.0" long
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