Andradite is a member of the garnet group. Although not as well known as some other types of garnets such as almandine or pyrope, it contains the most lustrous garnet specimens. Andradite is chemically recognized as a group of calcium iron silicates. It is this composition that sets each garnet species apart although all are very similar. There are three major varieties of andradite that differ greatly in color, opacity, and translucency. These are, melanite (black garnets), topazolite (yellow garnets), and demantoid (green garnets). Other varieties include the iridescent, rainbow garnet, schorlomite, and the Mali garnet, which is believed to be an intermediary between andradite and grossular garnets. Andradite crystals are typically dodecahedral or massive and occasionally, grainy. Crystals will fall within a range of colors from opaque black, to sparkly yellow, and translucent green.
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