1.2" Vibrant Malachite and Azurite on Quartz Crystals - China

This specimen features botryoidal formations of incredibly blue azurite and vivid green malachite, all encrusted over a bed of quartz crystals. This colorful mineral association comes out of the Guizhou Province of China. It has been mounted to an acrylic display base with mineral tack.

Azurite and malachite are known to form in union with each other, for their chemical makeup is very similar. In fact, the presence of more or less water in the location of formation, is enough to determine whether an abundance of malachite over azurite, or vise-versa, will accumulate. These minerals tend to be found in oxidation zones of copper deposits, which accounts for the colors the minerals display.
Quartz, Malachite & Azurite
Guizhou Province, China
1.2 x .9"