1.3" Chelyabinsk Chondrite Meteorite (14.4 grams) - Russia

This is a real treat: a 1.3" wide (14.4 gram) stony (chondrite) meteorite from the observed fall over Southwest Russia. It's an LL5 chondrite composed of a light-colored lithology with a typical chondritic texture.

On February 15th, 2013 at 9:22 a.m. local time, many people saw and captured on video the tremendous fire-ball and vapor trail of this fall. Shortly after, a massive shockwave reported to be equivalent to a 300 kiloton explosion, rocked the area. As a result, windows in the area were blown out and even some buildings were damaged. Over 1000 people were injured, mostly from flying glass. Though it has been estimated that the rock responsible for this event may have been as large as 55 feet across, only small stones ranging in size from a gram to around 2 kilograms were found scattered around several villages about 40 kilometers Southwest of Chelyabinsk. An 8 meter diameter hole was found in the ice of Lake Chebarkul, suggesting that a very large fragment may have landed there. However, only small meteorite fragments were found around this hole. Divers searched the lake but no meteorite fragments were recovered.

Prior to entering the atmosphere, the meteorite is believed to have had a mass of approximately 1 ton. Over 100 kilograms of meteorite fragments have been collected.

Shock stage: S4
Weathering grade: W0
Ordinary Chondrite (LL5)
Chelyabinskaya Oblast, Russia
1.3 x 1.05 x .6", 14.4 grams