1.75" Polished K2 Granite Sphere - Pakistan

This is a beautifully polished sphere made from K2 granite that contains orbs of azurite, collected from the Skardu area near northern Pakistan. When observing closely, small green formations of malachite can also be found throughout the sphere. Comes with the pictured display stand.

K2 granite, also known as "raindrop azurite" and "K2 Jasper", is a granite formation that accumulated small blue spherical formations of azurite. Occasionally small specks of green malachite formation can also be found throughout the granite. This type of azurite granite forms near the base of a mountain known as "K2" and/or "Mount Godwin Austen", located near the border between Pakistan and China.
Granite, Malachite & Azurite
Skardu area, Northern Pakistan
1.75" wide