2.65" Polished Dragon's Blood Jasper Sphere - South Africa

This is an alluring polished sphere made out of Dragon's Blood Jasper from South Africa. The polish work on this sphere is second to none, with no dull spots or scuffing that is found in a lot of the material from this location. It measures 2.65" in diameter and comes with the pictured display stand.

This fascinating stone is commonly referred to as "dragon's blood jasper" or "dragon's blood stone" is a recent find in South Africa. The exact mineral composition is up for debate, and we can not find any detailed analysis that has yet been done. One opinion is that the minerals are green epidote and piemontite, while the opposing view is that it's a bastite (a pseudomorph of a serpentine variety). Until chemical analysis of this rock has been performed and published, a definitive conclusion as to the chemical composition of "dragon's blood jasper" is difficult to make.
Epidote & Piemontite
Tshipise, South Africa
2.65" wide