2.7" Polished Serpentine Sphere - Pakistan

This is a beautiful, 2.7" wide polished sphere made out of serpentine, mined in Pakistan. The quality of the polish is nice, though the sphere is not perfectly round. Comes with the pictured display stand.

A small section of this sphere looks to have chipped off during polishing. This spot was filled with an epoxy and small shards of serpentine, hence the reduced price for this sphere.

Serpentine is the name for a grouping of several related minerals, with the primary members being antigorite and chrysotile. Antigorite serpentine is typically representative of the solid forms of serpentine, of which these forms are typically columnar in structure. Chrysotile serpentine consists of four separate groups which are clinochrysotile, lizardite, orthochrysotile and parachrysotile, all of which have the same chemical composition. The difference between these groups of chrysotile serpentines are their crystal lattice's. There are a variety of other forms of serpentine, however most of them are extremely rare.
2.7" in diameter