2.9" Polished Dumortierite Sphere - Madagascar

This is a gorgeous specimen that features fibrous blue dumortierite and pyrite crystals within quartz. It was collected in Madagascar and has been shaped and polished into a sphere. Under magnification, the small fibrous dumortierite crystal aggregations can be seen in great detail within the quartz.

Comes with the pictured display stand.

Dumortierite from Madagascar is typically found in massive form or as inclusions within quartz. When in quartz, it can be identified as blue, prismatic inclusions that are often mistaken for lazurite or lazulite, both of which don't form as fibrous aggregates. Much of the dumortierite from Madagascar that's seen on the market is included within massive quartz and associated with small pyrite crystals.
Dumortierite, Quartz & Pyrite
2.9" in diameter