3.4" Amethyst Crystal Cluster- South Africa

This is a dark purple cactus quartz (amethyst) crystal cluster from South Africa. Smaller sized clusters of crystals can be seen at the bases of the terminations of the relatively large crystal points. The orange coloration is attributed to iron oxidation.

Cactus quartz, often also referred to as spirit quartz, is a variety of quartz characterized by second-generation druzy crystals growing on the faces of larger quartz crystals. The small second-generation crystals point away from the prism and their orientation is not related to the crystallographic orientation of the central crystal. Cactus quartz is currently only known from the Magaliesberg Mountains region of South Africa, and comes in a variety of shades ranging from white to deep purple to orange colorations. The deep purple amethyst points are the rarest and most coveted by collectors.
Quartz var Amethyst
Boekenhouthoek area, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
3.4" long, 3" wide