3.4" Long, "Blue Smoke" Quartz Crystal Cluster - Columbia

This is a beautiful, 3.4" long "Blue Smoke" quartz crystal cluster from the Santander Province of Columbia. The primary display crystal is in near pristine condition, while the adjacent crystal has significant damage to its termination.

"Blue Smoke Quartz" is a relatively new find that comes from the Santander Province in Columbia. The crystals have swirling clouds of microscopic inclusions that give them a wispy blue appearance. This subtle color effect is produced by the same light scattering properties that make the sky blue. Many of the crystals surfaces and the matrix these crystals are found in also contain a lithium based mineral, cookeite.

Silicon Dioxide, also know as SiO2 or Quartz, is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. Quartz crystals generally grow in silica-rich, hot watery solutions called hydrothermal environments, at temperatures between 100°C and 450°C, and usually under very high pressure. Quartz veins are formed when open fissures are filled with hot water during the closing stages of mountains forming, and can be hundreds of millions of years old.
Santander Province, Columbia
3.4 x 2"