3.5" Polished, Brecciated Pink Opal Slab - Western Australia

This is a 3.5" wide, polished slab of richly colored pink opal (opalised radiolarite). One side has been polished to a mirror like finish and it comes with an acrylic display stand.

The horizontal seam from which this pink opal specimen came from, was discovered in Western Australia in 2011. Prior to its discovery, pink opal was only known to occur in Peru. Pink opal from this location displays a wide range of pink hues, from dark rose pink to nearly white.

The term "brecciated" is directly related to broken up and cemented angular mineralizations, such as this pink opal. Following the breaking of this rock, ground water containing silica assisted in the natural cementing process of the fragmented pink opal, resulting in this beautiful mineral occurrence.
Opalised Radiolarite
Carnarvon, Gascoyne Region, Western Australia
3.5"x 2.9", .45" thick