4.5" Calcite, Pyrite and Fluorite Association - Fluorescent

This beautiful specimen contains calcite and fluorite with pyrite micro-crystals. The fluorite can be viewed when looking at what could be considered the underside of the specimen, noted by its faint green and purple coloration (best identified by its bright blue/purple fluorescence under black light). The pyrite formed as a druze across almost the entirety of the specimen.

Under short and long-wave UV lighting, the calcite fluoresces pink-orange, while the fluorite at the bottom of the specimen has a beautiful deep blue fluorescence. This specimen sits upright naturally, allowing for aesthetic presentation of the mineral variety on this specimen.
Calcite, Pyrite and Fluorite
El Hamman, Meknès, Morocco
4.5" long, 3.8" wide, 2.7" tall. Weighs just under 2 lbs