4.6" Hanksite Crystal Cluster - Trona, California

This is a beautiful 4.6" long hanksite crystal cluster, collected from Searles Lake in Trona, California. Following exposure to long wave and short wave uv lighting, this mineral displays phosphorescent characteristics.

Hanksite is a sulphate mineral with the chemical formula Na22K(SO4)9(CO3)2Cl. It is unique as a sulphate for it contains both sulphate and carbonate ion groups, one of only a few of its kind. It forms in evaporate deposits as a product of the evaporation of water from Lake Searles in Trona, California. Once water evaporates from this lake bed and shores, the remaining concentrated minerals form crystals. Typically halite will be the first crystal to form, but in more unusual cases, borax, sulphohalite and hanksite can form when the mineral concentration is exceptional.
Searles Lake, San Bernardino Co., Trona, California.
4.6" long, 3.9" wide