4.8" Scolecite Crystal Spray with Apophyllite and Stilbite - India

This is an stunning specimen of large scolecite crystals that formed in association with zoned green apophyllite and peach stilbite. It was collected from Maharashtra, India. The crystals are in excellent, unbroken condition and not repaired like so many specimens from this locality.

Scolecite is a member of the zeolite group of minerals containing mainly aluminum and silicon compounds. They exhibit a slender crystal habit and are very brittle in nature. Scolecite is a transparent, translucent crystal, typically colorless but also shows up in light pinks and yellows. Their appearance is often confused with their close zeolite relative, natrolite. They commonly form columnar clusters (sprays) in association with other minerals such as heulandite, apophyllite, stilbite, epidote, and calcite.

Most scolecite is collected in the state of Maharashtra, India, though there are other localities including Elk Mountain in Washington State. Crystal clusters are found lining cavities in igneous rock formations, usually granite, gneiss, or (specifically in India) basalt.

This specimen comes from the Deccan Traps (a large igneous province and one of the largest volcanic features on earth) in the Pune Province of India. In the course of quarrying for other materials or digging wells sometimes large pockets of zeolites and other minerals are unearthed in the volcanic rock.

Stilbite is probably the most common zeolite found in these deposits. Crystals often form flowery, bowtie or hourglass shaped structures and come in a variety of colors. Some of the most beautiful colorations are the pink or peach tints. Apophyllite while not a zeolite itself is almost always found associated with zeolites in the same pockets. It has two crystal habits, a rectangular prism capped by a steep four sided pyramid or a pseudo-cubic structure. While not a well known mineral to the general public it is popular among mineral collectors due to it's pastel colors and beautiful crystal formations.
Scolecite, Apophyllite & Stilbite
Maharashtra, India
4.8 x 2.8"