5.6" Colorful Sonora Sunset (Chrysocolla Cuprite) Slab - Mexico

This is a stunning, 5.6" wide, thick-cut slab of sonora sunset (chrysocolla cuprite) that was collected from the Milpillas Mine in Sonora, Mexico. It has been cut flat on both sides and polished to a glossy-finish on one.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Sonora sunset (also known as sonora sunrise) is the trade name for a blue, green, black and red mineral formation that's collected from the Milpillas Mine in Sonora, Mexico (copper ore mine). While this mine is known for its high quality azurite, chalcocite, chrysocolla, cuprite, malachite and pyrite mineral specimens (and many more), it also produces this gorgeous material which miners would come across occasionally during mining. It is a combination of blue-green chrysocolla, vibrant red cuprite, and often contains streaks of black which can be attributed to iron oxidation. Commonly, the material is cut in a specific orientation, with the blue-green and red separated by black to give the appearance of a green landscape with a red sunset/sunrise sky.

Chrysocolla, Cuprite & Iron
Milpillas Mine, Sonora, Mexico
5.6 x 5.4", 1.1" thick