Bargain, 2.95" Polished Cobaltoan Calcite Sphere - Congo

This is a hand-polished sphere of pink cobaltoan calcite from the Congo. The lapidary work allows for the vivid coloration of the cobaltocalcite to be easily seen. Unfortunately there are multiple locations of green epoxy and crushed calcite gap fill. Many times the green color within these cobaltoan calcite spheres can be attributed to malachite formation, however this is not the case with this sphere, hence the reduced price.

Cobaltoan calcite, also known as cobaltocalcite is one of many different varieties of calcite, forming with a chemical composition of (Ca,Co)CO3. It crystallizes in a trigonal crystal system, and it forms rhombohedral or scalenohedral crystals. These crystals tend to display a pink color of which intensity can range anywhere from a pinkish-salmon to a hot pink.
Calcite var. Cobaltoan
Katanga Province, Congo
2.95" wide