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Fossils like these were once found only in museums. FossilEra is your trusted source to buy high quality fossil specimens. Whether you are are a passionate collector or looking for a unique gift you can find it in our diverse selection of fossils for sale.

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Trip Report: Haragan Formation Trilobites – April, 2013

Posted: 04/20/14 08:27 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

I get the chance to head out in the field pretty frequently to collect fossils myself.  Before starting FossilEra I would take maybe three or four collecting trips a year, but now the job gives me a good excuse to do it a little more frequently.  I thought it would be fun to chronical some of my collecting trips on this blog to give people an idea of the type of work that goes into finding specimens like some of those being sold on this site.   

Last April I got an invite from Dan Cooper (a true legend in the trilobite world) to join him and a group of about a dozen other trilophiles down on his lease in the Haragan Formation of Oklahoma.  The Devonian aged Haragan Formation, produces arguably the most beautiful and highly detailed trilobites in the United States.  It has been famously collected by Bob Caroll for over 3 decades at “Black Cat Mountain”.   Dan’s lease was basically one hill over from Bob’s lease at Black Cat Mountain.  See Oklahoma trilobites for sale on FossilEra, many collected and prepared by Bob.

Beautiful Polished Ammonite - April Giveaway!

Posted: 04/04/14 09:31 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

How Are Megalodon Teeth Priced?

Posted: 04/04/14 04:07 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

I have gotten several times lately from customers wondering about the pricing on Megalodon teeth.  Why is that 6 inch tooth less than the 5 1/2 inch tooth that you are selling?  Shouldn’t it be more expensive?

Fossils are all unique, so of course pricing is a little subjective but there are many factors that go into putting a price on a Megalodon tooth.  View Megalodon teeth for sale on FossilEra.  Some of the factors that include size, overall condition, location, does it have restoration, etc.