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Fossils like these were once found only in museums. FossilEra is your trusted source to buy high quality fossil specimens. Whether you are are a passionate collector or looking for a unique gift you can find it in our diverse selection of fossils for sale.

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Boedaspis Trilobite - Spectacular Preparation Sequence
Posted: 12/02/14 07:22 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

Ok, I'm being a little torturous here but I have a very spectacular trilobite specimen that will be posted on FossilEra soon.  I'm going to post the preparation sequence to this trilobite one photo at a time throughout the day.  This amazing specimen is now listed for sale, Breathtaking Boedaspis Trilobite With Prep Sequence!

Here is the first photo of the trilobite found in cross section being glued back together.

Real 5 Inch Megalodon Tooth Giveaway
Posted: 11/11/14 09:04 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

We are giving away an authentic, 5+ inch long fossil tooth from the prehistoric, monster shark, the Megalodon.  This tooth was collected in South Carolina after it eroded out of the Hawthorn Formation, making it approximately 4-7 million years old.  The tooth is in good shape and you can even see many of the serrations preserved along the edges.  It includes a custom stand to show it off.

In addition to this tooth that we are giving away, we have a wide variety of Megalodon teeth for sale in many different price ranges.

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Collecting The Hell Creek Formation With PaleoAdventures
Posted: 11/11/14 11:24 PM : By Matt Heaton : Comments

If you want to get a feel of what it is like digging for dinosaur fossils, here's a good video clip from PaleoAdventures collected at the "Tooth Draw Quarry" in South Dakota.  Besides being one of our primary suppliers of Hell Creek Formation dinosaur material, PaleoAdventures runs a lot of great dig tours and educational programs. 


Featured Fossil - Trilobites
100+ Specimens : $7 - $3k

Trilobites Buy trilobite fossils from FossilEraare an extinct marine animal that dominated Earth's oceans for 270 million years long before the first dinosaurs. There were over 25k known types some of them with very ornate shells covered in spines. This huge variety and their alien looking appearance makes them very appealing to collectors. We have a huge variety of trilobite fossils for sale ranging from inexpensive, common species to amazing museum quality specimens and everything in between. Buy fossils from us knowing you are getting authentic specimens, at the best value.

Featured Fossil - Megalodon Teeth
200+ Specimens : $5 - $1,500

The Buy giant Megalodon TeethMegalodon was a massive prehistoric shark that grew to lengths of up to 60 feet and went extinct 1.5 million years ago. It had giant teeth that could reach 7 inches in length (though only a handful have ever been found that large). For comparison the largest great white shark teeth did not reach 3 inches in length. Fossils of it's teeth can be found worldwide and are both impressive and terrifying. We have a wide selection of authentic Megalodon fossils for sale, starting around $10 which make great gifts, to collector quality teeth priced at $1,000+.

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  • Featured Fossil - Fish Fossils
    50+ Specimens : $19 - $2k

    Fish Fish fossils for salehave been around in the fossil record for over 500 million years and are one of the most diverse animals on our planet. Fossil fish are some of the most aesthetic and collectable fossils out there. FossilEra has a selection of beautiful fish fossils for sale from the Green River Formation of Wyoming as well as several other locations around the world. Not only do these fish make for beautiful displays but they are tremendously interesting from a scientific and historical perspective.