Libyan Desert glass is a type of tektite/impactite, is a canary yellow, glass-like mineral that is formed when silica is exposed to extreme heat and pressure. Libyan Desert glass is believed to have origins involving a meteor shower in the Sahara Desert nearly 29 million years ago. For many years scientists have believed that the mineral is the result of an extremely large air-blast, roughly 100 megatons, caused by an explosion in space near earth’s atmosphere. After extensive analysis, scientists have discovered that Libyan Desert glass is indeed created by meteor impacts.

The primary component of this glass is lechatelierite, a molten silica glass similar to quartz but lacking a crystal structure. This desert glass can also be different shades of green, tan, and brown depending on the inclusions present when the glass formed. Tektite formation will typically occur after meteoric activity. It has many characteristics similar to sea glass, though this mineral happens to have cosmic origins. Collectors enjoy the extraterrestrial nature of this tektite's formation and the striking translucent colors of this glassy material.
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