Rubellite is the pink-red variety of elbaite, a mineral in the tourmaline mineral group. This mineral is known for its thick, striated, barrel-shaped crystals that display a deep pink color, reminiscent of grapefruit. These crystals are fairly popular among collectors as they often make very aesthetic display pieces. They can be cut and polished, making them easily accessible for jewelry making or left in their impressive natural state.

Crystals can be pleochroic, which means that they will appear in different colors when viewed from different angles due to internal impurities and inclusions. Rubellite is one of the rarest and most attractive varieties of elbaite because of its wide range of pink and red colorations. Most rubellite will be a reddish-pink, leaning into magenta. Some specimens are bubblegum pink, though this is quite rare. This color is a result of rubellite containing higher concentrations of lithium and reduced amounts of iron or magnesium than other varieties of elbaite.
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