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Polished Dinosaur Bone Pendant - Claw Shape

This is a agatized dinosaur bone pendant polished into a claw shape. Each pendant is made out of real dinosaur bone and throughly polished to allow the inner cell structure to be easily seen. Each pendant comes predrilled on one end to allow it to easily slip onto any cord necklace. You will receive one bone pendant chosen at random. If you have a preference on a light or dark colored pendant, let us know in the instruction section of check out. These bone pendants make a great gift for anyone. The photos are representative of what the pendants looks like.

Agatized bone, sometimes referred to as "gem bone" is fossilized dinosaur bone in which the original fossil material has been replaced by silica. The impurities within the silica is what gives it the color. For example the red coloration of this bone is caused by iron based compounds. Interestingly this silica replacement often happens at a sub-cellular level leaving the internal structures intact.
33 Available
Dinosaur Bone
Late Cretaceous
Bouarfa, Morocco