The genus Ursus is represented today by the grizzly bear, brown bear, American black bear, and the polar bear. The cave bear Ursus spelaeus is believed to be a relative to today's brown bear, but was significantly larger and arguably more impressive in its own ways. Standing upright, these gargantuan beasts could reach upwards of 10 feet tall and weighed approximately half a ton as an adult.

They lived in Europe during the height of the last Ice Age, using alpine caves as shelter to escape the worst of the winter weather during periods of hibernation. Unlike modern-day bears and other bears of their time that would use caves primarily for hibernation, Ursus spelaeus likely spent an excessive amount of time in their caves. In fact, it's not uncommon to find several generations of cave bears in the same cave deposits, as was the case with the caves of Romania.

Despite their size and menacing appearance, their diet was likely mainly herbivorous.