1.04" Fossil Squalicorax (Crow Shark) Tooth - Texas

This is a Cretaceous aged, Squalicorax shark tooth from the South Sulfur River in Texas. Comes in an acrylic display case.

Squalicorax more commonly known as a Crow Shark would have had a body type similar to today's grey sharks, but teeth more resembling tiger sharks. It was a medium sized shark reaching lengths of up to 15 feet in length. It was likely a coastal predator, but there is evidence it was also a scavenger as evidenced by a Squalicorax tooth having been found embedded on the bone of a Hadrosaur. Hadrosaurs were terrestrial dinosaurs, so it likely had died on land and been swept out to see.
South Sulfur River, Texas
1.04" long
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