11.4" Southern Mammoth Lower M3 Molar - Hungary

This is an exceptionally well preserved, 11.4" long molar of a Southern Mammoth (Mammuthus meridionalis). It was collected from the Pleistocene gravel deposits of Hungary. It's an M3 molar from the lower jaw (mandible) of an adult mammoth. This tooth shows four feeding worn grinding prism (enamel surfaces) plates, cementum, and dentin, with nine prisms that bear little to no feeding wear. Much of the cover cement is still present on this specimen.

Comes with an acrylic/metal display stand.

Molars of the Southern Mammoth are much rarer than those of the Woolly Mammoth. There is a repaired crack through the molar towards one end.

Mammuthus meridionalis, or the southern mammoth, is an extinct species of mammoth endemic to Europe and central Asia from the Gelasian stage of the Early Pleistocene, living from 2.5–1.5 mya. With a height of about 4 m. (13 ft) and estimated weight of 8 to 10 tons, M. meridionalis is one of the largest proboscideans to have ever lived. Its molars had low crowns and a small number of thick enamel ridges, adapted to a woodland diet of leaves and shrubs. This indicates it lived on a relatively warm climate and probably lacked the dense fur of the more recent Woolly Mammoth.

Mammuthus meridionalis
11.4 x 5.1 x 3.8"
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