13.6" Jurassic Petrified Wood Round - Henry Mountain, Utah

This is a top quality, 13.6" wide round of petrified wood from the Morrison Formation of Utah. One side has been polished to a mirror like finish. Beautiful coloration, particularly the yellow "rind" around the edges.

It was collected at Henry Mountain and is part of an old collection I recently purchased with some unique pieces from unusual localities. This beautiful slab of petrified wood is Upper Jurassic in age or approximately 150 million years old. The formation which it comes from the same formation known for producing fossils of well known dinosaurs such as Allosaurus and Diplodocus. So this tree was living at the same time as the dinosaurs!

It comes with an acrylic display stand.

Petrified wood is the name given to wood that has been turned into stone (fossilized) through the process of permineralization. All of the organic matter becomes replaced by minerals, while much of the original structure such as tree rings in retained. For this to happen the wood needs to be buried in an environment both low in oxygen (preventing decomposition) and with flowing, mineral-laden water. The coloration is due to the various minerals that are present during fossilization. For example red colors are due to iron compounds, greens due to copper, etc.
Henry Mountains, Utah
Morrison Formation
13.6x13.6", .95" thick
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