14.6" Irish Elk Jaw Section - Pleistocene, Germany

This is a beautifully preserved, 14.6" long jaw of a 40,000 year old, extinct Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus) from the Rhine River in Germany. This is the right mandible and includes six molars.

Comes with a stand.

Megaloceros giganteus was a giant prehistoric deer with antlers that could grow up to 12 feet across. It's estimated that they could have a body mass of nearly 1,500 pounds, roughly equivalent to an Alaskan Moose.

Life reconstruction of the extinct giant deer, genus Megaloceros

The gravel deposits along the Rhine River used to produce a large number of Pleistocene fossils while quarrying for gravel aggregate. They have become much harder to come by in recent years as the quarry operations have become more mechanized and the fossils are often destroyed in the process.
Megaloceros giganteus
Rhine River Gravel Deposit, Germany
14.6" long
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