23" Phareodus From Wyoming - Monster Fish! (Special Price)

This is an absolutely monstrous Phareodus from the Green River Formation in Wyoming. This fish would have been a voracious predator in Fossil Lake some 48 million years ago. It is 23" long and preserved in remarkable detail with quite a bit of relief against the rock. Just check out it's mouthful of sharp, pointy, teeth. It's located on a nice 30.5x19.5" slab of shale which has been backed with wood for stability. We can install a french cleat, wall hanger on the back of the plate upon request.

The lake itself is known as "Fossil Lake" and it existed 50 million years ago in what is now Wyoming and is believed to have covered approximately 930 square miles. It had an unusual chemistry that inhibited the decay and scavenging of dead organisms while thick layers of limestone and organic matter accumulated. This special set of circumstances has lead to the beautiful preservation of fish and other fossils within the Green River Formation.
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
23" long on 30.5x19.5 rock
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