26" Impressive Fossil Dyrosaurus Rostrum - Morocco

This is a 26" long, fossil rostrum of an Early Eocene crocodilian (Dyrosaurus maghribensis) from the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco. It's exceptionally well preserved with nearly all of its original teeth present and well prepared. There is only a few crack repairs and no significant restoration to the piece. It comes with a custom, metal display stand.

Dyrosaurus is a genus of extinct crocodylomorph that lived during the early Eocene in what is now North Africa. It grew up to 19 feet (6 meters) long and had jaws filled with many,‭ ‬thin recurved teeth which would have been optimal for catching fish. There are two described species Dyrosaurus phosphaticus‭ and Dyrosaurus maghribensis of which the later is found exclusively in the phosphate deposits of the Oulad Abdoun Basin in Morocco.

An artists reconstruction of Dyrosaurus.  By Nobu Tamura (Creative Commons License)
An artists reconstruction of Dyrosaurus. By Nobu Tamura (Creative Commons License)

It comes from the massive phosphate deposits in the Oulad Abdoun Basin near Khouribga, Morocco. These deposits are mined for phosphate, one of Morocco's biggest exports. The fossils are collected as a byproduct of the mining operations, saving them from certain destruction by the rock crusher.
Dyrosaurus maghribensis
Oulad Abdoun Basin, Morocco
Phosphate Deposits
26" long
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