3.14" T-Rex Tooth From Montana - Excellent Preservation!

High quality Tyrannosaurus rex teeth are not only hard to find but are probably the most collectable type of fossil there and tend to get snapped up as soon as they hit the market. This one is in excellent shape and is 3.14" in length when measured straightline from the tip to the base on the outer edge, o. The enamel is in excellent condition and there is NO REPAIR OR RESTORATION on the tooth.

There serrations on the outer edge are in great shape with only a few near the tip worn. There is a wear facet on one side of the tooth near the tip where it was rubbing against another tooth in the dinosaurs mouth. About 1/3 of the inner serrations are present near the tip, while a thin section of the inner edge on the lower portion of tooth has sheered away, likely when the tooth was lost from the beasts mouth during feeding.

It was collected recently from a private quarry in Carter County, Montana.

Comes with a floating frame display case.
Tyrannosaurus rex
Carter County, Montana
Hell Creek Formation
3.14" long
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