3.15" New Trilobite Species (Affinities to Quadrops)

This is a spectacular new species of spiny trilobite from Morocco which appears to have close affinities to Quadrops flexuosa. The main differences are that the rostrum is more shovel-like instead of having 3 prongs and many of the spines are longer. This species just appeared on the market in the last couple of years and I've only been able to acquire a handful of examples.

This example is perfectly prone, while all of the other examples I've had have been arched. It's 3.15" long and the preparation is stunning, with clear eye facets in both eyes and dozens of free standing spines. Probably the best example of the species I've seen yet.

Trilobites were a very diverse group of extinct marine arthropods. They first appeared in the fossil record in the Early Cambrian (521 million years ago) and went extinct during the Permian mass extinction (250 million years ago). They were one of the most successful of the early animals on our planet with over 25k described species, filling nearly every evolutionary niche. Due in large part to a hard exoskeleton (shell), they left a excellent fossil record.
Undescribed (aff. Quadrops)
Issoumour, Morocco
3.15" long
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